Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I hate to say it. I'm loyal to a fault...but I may have to break up with my favorite baristas at Starbucks. Given the state of the economy and my reduced balance sheet I try to take my java from home on the trek to work- but there are mornings like today that I'm basically a pack mule with a sippy cup, a laptop bag, my handbag, my gym bag, and Cole's "pack pack" which is now weighing close to 20lbs full of choo choos and his gear for the day. Sometimes my travel cup of Coffee gets left all by its lonesome on the counter in all of the chaos.

I drop Cole off and realize I don't have any more coffee and I only managed to choke down a cup at home and let's face it the office coffee usually sucks. I pull into my favorite Starbucks and in front of me is the person who is obviously NOT trying to get to work. She has four stacks of money in front of her with an appropriate color coded "post it" with an order attached to each. She orders a latte pays from one of the stacks of money... counts the change and places it back on the counter. She then proceeds to ask the barista for a small paper sack for each of her color coordinated "post its" and to place the change into. I stand in line for way too long behind this nut bag.

It's after 8 on a Tuesday morning... get outta the way with your bags of change and post its and counting of the change and so on... there's a line forming behind her. People like me who just want their plain jane coffee (on ice) and to be on their way.

So I get it. The barista can't control the customers and I'm not asking them too. What is making me want to break up is that there's four barista's shooting the *hit over to the side looking at this lady like she's a couple of clowns short of a circus and I understand because I'm having the same thought- but people pick your jaw up off the floor and one of you start manning a register so the rest of us can get our coffee, leave you a tip, and be on our way to work.

Mornings like this are becoming the rule and not the exception. Last week the barista was at the same party as the dude two people in front of me and they were just chatting it up over how much fun it was and who all was there. Meanwhile the line is 8 deep of people trying to get to work..looking a little lost without their cup of joe.

Believe me, I think Starbucks is a classy organization. I'm happy to give them my $2+ dollars for my iced coffee in the summertime when I forget my travel cup, but I'm starting to realize I could drive home and get it for the amount of time I spend waiting on my favorite baristas as of late. Heck I might just start Duke's of Hazarding it over the counter and make my own beverage. I could be a barista?

But I'm I'll give them a few more trys before I break up and find a new Starbucks. I was a little antzy this morning, but I did manage to refrain from taking out the lady in front of me. Maybe I should consider giving up the caffeine all together? It might be causing anger issues?



CrossPointeDave said...

"shooting the *hit over to the side..." I don't get it. Is *hit a new frozen drink at 4bucks? :-)