Monday, October 12, 2009

A Pretty Perfect Day

If you are a parent- you probably get that rainy days and Mondays get you down in more than one way. Your kids can't get outside to go play and run off kid energy and just be a kid. Add multiple days of it and suddenly your kid has sprouted horns and is terrorizing your home. Soccer is canceled indefinitely and you find yourself thinking REALLY hard about things you could do to entertain/engage them without plopping them in front of a TV or spending ridiculous amounts of money on going to the movies.

Multiply kid/rain frustration times 3 and marketing boy and I had a recipe for disaster on Saturday- but it so wasn't. Cole and I met marketing boy and his crew at the Dream Cafe for breakfast because all soccer festivities were canceled... it was cold.. the coffee was hot and we conspired about how to keep three kids from going stir crazy.

We took ourselves to the pumpkin patch and acquired three pumpkins suitable for carving. Set up my covered patio and got to work. Pumpkin carving has gotten "hard core" since my childhood days of drawing faces on the pumpkin with a magic marker and my parents trying not to slice off a finger taking the kitchen knife to the pumpkin... it's much more precise and detailed with carving sets and stencils and all kinds of other craziness.

Several hours later... we had three pumpkins carved, and I managed to make my yummy chicken corn chowder which received two votes of kid approval and one vehement disapproval... But it was all good because points were scored with all by making banana pudding as dessert.

When it was dark we lit our pumpkins so Marketing Boy's kids could see them when they left for home. I bathed my kiddo who fell asleep watching Thomas the Tank engine five minutes after his bath... and collapsed myself not too long after. I don't think I even finished my glass of mommy juice- BUT all in all it was a pretty perfect day. We managed to keep three kids corralled, entertained and happy on a day that it could have been impossible to do so.

Check out the pumpkins... Halloween is coming! I love me some Fall... this is my favorite time of year. Holla!