Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cole's Favorite Song

So if there is something that I would like to say I instill in my child (besides the obvious) up there in my book would be a love of music.

Music helped me survive a less than ideal adolescence. Red hair is not the ideal. Neither is going through the normal girl stuff of weight gain, acne, puberty, and boobs (or lack there of)... you know the drill we all made it thru somehow... Playing a musical instrument and being in band (yes go ahead and laugh) offered me an escape from teasing.. and not being cool.

Cole and I rarely drive around in a silent car. There is usually music..or my terrible singing, but the kiddo loves to shout " Jesus" which is "Jesus loves me" or "Spider" which is the itzy bitzy spider or "Ducky" which is the bath time song and have me sing whatever he desires on cue.

Thankfully, most of the time it's iTunes. Since I've downloaded Michael Buble's newest album- Cole has claimed "Heartache Tonight" (yes he covers the Eagles) as his song. Click here to listen
for full effect...

"Mommy play my song again!" I can put it on repeat and he bobs his head and we dance, clap, and look like a couple of crazy people. But the best part is... he sings along.. super cuteness.

He sort of looks like a junior Buble with his snazzy hair and attitude right? Cole Porter..Cole Peterson... A Mom can dream...Holla!