Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Missed the Morning

I had to go to Oklahoma City this morning. Good times. Out the door by 6:45am and I didn't get my morning wake up with my C-Monster. Luckily I had one of the bestest babysitters spend the night last night so I didn't have to awaken the sleeping monster before he was ready.

I did get to tiptoe into his room and whisper "bye bye Bubba..mommy loves you..I have to go to work early..." he raised his head with crazy hair and said "no go ma" and then rolled back over like he'd performed some obligatory duty... I laughed... it was too funny.

I love getting Cole out of bed every morning. He's happy and in a good mood 95% of the time. On his bedroom door there's a sign.. it says "you are my sunshine.." because well he is my sunshine.

So Cole has his little gig in the morning. I watch him on the video monitor in the mornings while I'm getting ready.. He'll start rolling around.. and then he'll stand up in the crib and try to see if he can hear any "goings on" in the house.. if not- he'll sit back down and have some rather intense dialog with his posse aka the stuffed animals in the crib. There's Joey- the Togo look alike that he stole from me (Klepto Cole again)... there's Jake - a stuffed dog that was lovingly made for him by Caitlyn (one member of the bestest babysitting duo) and the random member is Mr. Bee. He talks to them..sometimes throws them out of the crib- I'm guessing to see if the landing looks like it hurts.. sometimes I think he's telling them like it is...

And when Cole and the natives start getting restless.. Togo and I crack the door.. stick our heads in and I say "Good Morning Sunshine!!!" and it gets me the biggest grin...every time and he squeals and says "Mommy Hi!" and a "Yay!" and Togo trots over to the crib to raise up on hind legs and be the first to give Cole the cold is Togo's universal greeting.

It's a pretty great way to start the day... and my days just aren't as great without it. I missed my little guy today, but I am lucky. For the most part, even when I travel, I can be home to feed him dinner, give him his bath & put him to bed. I take it for granted sometimes. I struggle with being a working Mom... but thank God the work force is getting on board with flexible schedules, laptops, blackberries, and a more "virtual" work place. It motivates me to log on after Cole is in bed or early in the morning because I get to be home for most every morning wake up, bath time, and bedtime. When I'm old and tired and look back on my life I'll be glad I juggled a lot so I was here to say more good morning sunshine's than not.

I'm tired. I'm off to take a hot bath.. crawl into bed... read..pray.. and watch some TiVo'd stupidness and sleep smack dab in the middle of my bed. It's very liberating moving on into the middle of the bed. Try it sometime. Holla!!