Friday, June 12, 2009

A Song That Haunts Me

One of my favorite things to do when I need to get things accomplished is to put in my head phones, set my iTunes to shuffle and re-discover songs that I might not look for everyday. There is one song, that when it comes on... I sort of stop what I am doing and pause to listen. It haunts me:

iTunes Orignals rocks. Nearly all of my favorite artists have produced an iTunes Originals album where they talk about their motivation for songs.. why they wrote them, their writing process, the ideas, and it seems that most of the time- the creative masterpiece is most difficult for them conjure up. The dedicated song writers, or writers in general treat it like a 9-5 job. They "clock in" if you will and proceed to create.. and sometimes the stars align and greatness is produced. Sometimes they leave their studio with nothing but a load of crap. This always fascinates me. If I'm not experiencing a certain level of peace, or allowed the time to day dream and think- the words escape me. How strange the creative process is for those who are artists? I digress. Basically, when asked about this song, Mr. Gray explained that he was contracted to write the theme song for a movie entitled "This Year's Love" He accepted the job, but had this pressure to write the song with a very specific story in mind. He clocked in and clocked out and This Years Love was written. He found that the process was actually something he enjoyed.. The money from the song actually funded his next album and creative genius got a paycheck. While the movie never actually happened. The song did.. and I'm thankful. Because now it can haunt me on my iPod.

David Gray is probably one of my favorite artists (I have many). Sadly, there were days in the past that I didn't want to go home. Sometimes I would drive around in my car with Cole in the back seat for way to long- letting David Gray console me..allowing me time to think. It is ironic that songs can take on different meanings to you at different stages in your life.

Well...there is work to be done. Have a great weekend. Holla!