Friday, August 28, 2009

Do What?

So I'm walking around the campus of my office this week.. and I really appreciate that my client is so active in the community. They are environmentally conscious and when you're working on warehouse/manufacturing real estate requirements- it makes me sleep a little better at night. All in all, they are a great company that cares about the community, their employees and the value of their product. So as far as clients go- I couldn't really ask for more.

I office on site with Frito Lay in Plano. The campus is nice... and the biggest perk is that we get a free bag of chips every day- even though I try to refrain. So I'm making one of my 10,000+ trips to the restroom every day because I drink a lot of water.. and everywhere in the hallway are these fliers

I think to myself... hmm? We're really going to raise money for the Heart Walk by selling Frito Chili Pie.. Never mind that Fritos (while tasty on occassion) have a boat load of fat, calories, oil, and salt..before we add the chili or the cheese.

We're all going to be heart patients after this... good thing we're raising money. Holla!