Friday, May 2, 2008


So BIG NEWS...well it's not so recent big news but the older brudder (Chris) is getting married to the most fabulous girl- Rachel. They were engaged earlier this month.

Rachel Rocks
Rachel truly does rock. Very down to earth, humble, small town Texas girl and all that means. She's very intelligent & level headed....and she's really pretty too, but doesn't know it. My Grandsam always said that's the best kind of pretty.
She's the kind of person who rolls up the sleeves and gets to work. She can talk about most anything, her faith is amazing and to top it off she's awesome with kids! Cole just loves her. Too bad she's marrying into this family... (hee hee)

She's everything I prayed my bro would find...and it's a good thing. I was starting to think God had me on mute.

The Brudder
So posting how much I love my future sister in law.. I also felt it necessary to post some valuable intel on the older Brudder

Growing up with Chris was interesting. He was the creative one and I was the not creative one. He's super uber intelligent and I'm not always the brightest crayon in the box. I was better with extra curricular stuff- but Chris was totally the brain who didn't really have to try at it. He knew from a very early age that he was called to do what he does and knew that writing creative stuff would be there to. I think his Spiritual relationship developed much more deeply and at an earlier age than mine. But even being as different as night and day- we've always managed to get along & even be friends but usually after we beat each other to pulp or I received belch in my face or a fart n run ...."Hey ash!" fart and walk out and then close the door.

He was always the one to do the provoking and I always reacted. He's an expert at figuring out what pushes your buttons and well sometimes pushes it a little too far. Loves to do this. He might have taken my allowance, but I was punished more because I reacted & dialed 911. He might have just hit the crap outta me- but I was punished more because I chased him with my Dad's razor. He'd try every morning to annoy me with obnoxious sneezing and horribly bad music..Weird Al, Ska, They Might be Giants, a brief interest in trying to learn the harmonica, Irish Pub Toons-- I could go on but these are just to name a few.

Good Advice
It might not always be what I want to hear... and he enjoys telling me I'm wrong, but he generally gives good advice and will have your best interest at heart. My most functional relationship was with a guy that my big brudder hand picked. I worked with him at the Pharmacy where I worked in high school & part of college.. Chris dubbed him "stock boy" because he stocked the shelves of the drug store and we dated for nearly four years. He even answered the door and would say "it's stock boy!" He might have been a stock boy, but he was the greatest boyfriend.

Run- Away
He doesn't really get mad to often, but when he does ..look out. Really mad isn't good at all. Kinda scary. Makes me look calm. Also run away after he's visited the all you can eat pizza place. See note above about fart n run. These days I don' t think he bothers with the run part...

No one can deny that my brudder likes to talk. But he's also a pretty good listener and a good communicator. I didn't need to talk in the early years...Chris would tell everyone what I needed for me...

Note: none of the above applies if he is napping or sleeping or tired. All bets are off. As I'm sure you know.

Shocking I know, because he describes himself as a sloth. But actually he's a really hard worker when he needs to be. He'll always show up for a friend, a cause, or whatever. I'd even say he's a perfectionist about his work. We were brought up not to "1/2 *ss things" He's not, however, someone who defines himself by posessions or surroundings which I've sort of always admired.

I know that having a wife and possibly kids he'll do what he has to take care of them...That's just who he is. But when it's just for him- he's good sleeping rather than working for stuff he doesn't feel matters.

So when we were growing up we spent most of our time outside with the other neighbor kids. I believe it was just after Christmas...Chris & I had each gotten a set of roller skates. I'm not sure I remember if he had em or not. But mine were red with yellow laces.. and they were starter skates so they had metal wheels.. and I took myself down the street in my skates. Well this neighbor kid(Chris Scott) made fun of me, my skates and pushed me down to the ground. I skated/stumbled home crying and Chris wanted to know what was wrong... I told him whatChris Scott had done. I was in the process of unlacing my skates... Chris picked one up and went down the street to Chris Scotts house and hit him upside the head with metal skate and told him to leave his sister alone.

Nuf said. I can't wait to see him get all protective of his own family.. ( hee hee)
So I'm settling in for the show. I can't wait to watch my big bro get married and to watch he and Rachel begin their life together. Cole is saying "Whoa!" and I couldn't be happier. Yay!!
I could get even happier if they'd move a little closer?