Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Home At Last!!

Did it again. I don't know how I manage to hit "return" and suddenly I've posted just a title? But the moral of the story is another Vegas ICSC is completed for the record books. I'm home. Have a mountain of laundry to do. Some plants that need some recessitating..a dog that's a nervous wreck, and a fairly bitter toddler.

So my trip was productive. Lots of good meetings at ICSC. Got some deals some killed..and I managed to leave the convention without my feet bleeding this year. I did however lose my drivers license somewhere at DFW on the flight out and in order to come home had to subject myself to some rather violating security screening procedures. I should have had the friends overnight me the passport. But I made it home and was so happy to see my Bubba. Who wouldn't let me put him down for the longest, but quickly decided that it was time I was punished for leaving him for three days. Let's keep in mind that he was in the best of care: Good friends Rhonda and Leslie moved into our Sunny Point Palace and doted on my little man like there was no tomorrow. I left a video of me reading stories, saying prayers and telling him how much I love him? I called him everyday and he still had to throw himself on the floor repeatedly every time I didn't let him get away with something. My little guy's way of saying "Payback is a wippen Ma..." Regardless- toddler tantrums are better than Vegas any day.

Thank God for my totally amazing friends who took such good care of Cole and of me when I was struggling with this trip. It was especially hard for me to leave him this time given all of the changes we have going on, but once again God's totally taking care of me. For me that happens with the people he sends to be a part of my life and the peace that comes over me when I pray and say I need His guidance. I managed to get my job done (well I might add) and hopefully I've earned my keep in the workforce a little longer.

So when you have a trip like this- it's certainly difficult- but there are a couple of perks: Nice Dinners Out with clients and co-workers. Nice wine. Nice cocktails. I have to admit sleeping in a hotel room with no household chores has some perks. Sleeping SOUNDLY because you don't have to worry about not waking up if someone's crying in the middle of the night, but my favorite part is reading two books un-interupted during my little hiatus. Read them both cover to cover on the plane and I have some recommended reading: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (cried my eyes out on the way to Vegas) LOVED IT. Amazing book. Great Read. Read it and decide if you're Tiger or Eeyore and what you do with the brick walls in your life?

Another good read.. James Patterson-Sundays at Tiffany's. Wow. I love Mr. Patterson and read all of his books in the Alex Cross series or the Women's Murder Club series..but every once in a while he writes one of those poignant relationship addressing books that I just end up loving. My favorite to date is Sam's Letters for Jennifer. As it's about the relationship between a grandmother and grandaughter and how they sustained much of their relationship thru letters... But Sundays at Tiffany's is good too: What would you do if your imaginary friend from childhood showed up in your adult life? Funny.. I didn't mind having to sit on the jet way to take off in Vegas or freak out when my flight was delayed leaving DFW. I'd prayed. He had it under control and was giving me an opportunity for a little self care and I took it and am thankful for the time and the people He brings into my life and the lessons He is teaching me in my current situation.

I'm not flying the plane. None of us are. So I'm learning to get good at enjoying the in flight entertainment and the company of other passengers. And now I'm going to go enjoy putting clean sheets on my bed, taking a bath in my tub and snuggling with my Tobie dog.