Friday, August 1, 2008

The Couples Bridal Shower that Didn't Suck

So I had a couple's bridal shower last weekend. It was actually for my big bro and rockin Rachel. While I couldn't be happier for Chris and Rachel... and am so jazzed that they are getting married, you can imagine "couples" things aren't really on the top of my "to do" list.

As we got the final headcount on Wednesday last week, there were 23 confirmed guests including the hostess'. Woo hoo!! Nothing like being that 23rd person. 11 couples and me. Good times.

Me, Rachel's awesome bridesmaid, and her two sisters were putting this shindig on in Ft. Worth. I volunteered for cake, decorations, paper products, fruit and some other misc stuff. The other girls were going to provide more of the "eatings" and the booz. Which I was told was beer and sangria. My rationale for volunteering for the cake was simple. First of all-I'm a little obsessed with cake and secondly after I'd become severely depressed about this "couples" hoopla I wanted some decent cake to dive into and to console myself with chocolaty or cream cheese frosting.

I also came equipped with my own bottle of wine because I can only drink so much beer and I was going to need some major liquid courage. I found it in the yummy sangria that was there. Also helping me along was Mr. Wonderful. He was in my bag and just a joke to myself to remind me to laugh at my situation. I didn't' need my hidden bottle of hooch and the shower was a blast! It was so much fun. And I wasn't the only one flying a solo mission which made it even better!!

As the evening wound down, I packed up my VW and headed home. For giggles I yanked Mr. Wonderful out of my bag. Hit the "press me" button and on que he said " You know honey, why don't you just relax and let me make dinner tonight.." I laughed. Cranked my stereo and drove on.