Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Best Compliment Ever

I was on the receiving end of the best compliment ever last week. It really came out of no where, but when it was said it was possibly the nicest thing that had been said to me all week.

Just about every Wednesday during my lunch hour- if you were to stalk me- you'd see me walk out to my car and drive to see counselor Sherri. I like to think of her as my life coach. Many people don't talk openly about seeking counseling, but as I've previously stated I'm not a person with secrets and I've learned that it's truly the strong people who seek out ways to grow personally. Counselor Sherri helps me do that. I have no qualms about blogging about my efforts or admitting openly that I seek counsel. Give me half the chance and I'll give you a referral to Sherri.

Here's what I love about my sessions. She calls me on my crap. She has expectations of me. We laugh. Often I cry, but I leave there with a purpose of things I need to do, perceptions I need to change or emotions I need to accept. If there is one thing I have learned it's that when it comes to things relational- sometimes you just can't change it.

So this past week, it had been a few weeks since I'd seen Sherri because of the Holidays. We had some catching up to do. I updated her and she commented on my general "blah" state. Clearly I wasn't what she calls my spunky self. I just said "January makes me feel blah. The year is out in front of me and I'm still a little tired from last year."

It was then that Sherri made me talk about 2008 & all that I'd accomplished Here's where the best compliment came in: She said " It takes an extremely strong person to do what you did last year. Many people wouldn't have the courage...and the common denominator for all things great you accomplished last year was you."

I don't generally look at things like that. Maybe you don't either. So I wanted to post about it. To encourage you (if you're reading my random blog) to think about all the great things or happenings in your life over the past year and to recognize that you're the common denominator too. I wanted to pass an awesome compliment on to you.


NancyJ said...

Amen! What she said!! That's what we've been trying to tell you all along!! Well done!!