Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chew on This

Sometimes you just need to chew. I find myself reminding Cole frequently to chew his food rather than swallowing whole. I've been chewing a lot on noks myself. I find when I run more- I'm hungrier and therefore want to chew on things. Now comes the debate for me..fruit or cookie? I wish I could say fruit always won out. Doh!

Apparently Josephine aka Joey needed to chew on some things too. I wish we were talking kibble or the bones I leave strategically placed throughout the house. I had my 1st MOPS meeting last night. So I hurried after work to pick up a light snack & some bottled water for the group, and to run home and let the Joey dog out and to feed her. I debated and decided to let her have a little freedom and baby gated off the majority of my house. She had access to the kitchen, the living room , and my room. She'd passed the test with an hour of alone time in the I figured we'd try a little longer tonight.
Cole and I pulled into the garage at a little after 9pm. I put him in his PJs and he all but crawled in his crib himself...It was then that I went looking for Joey. I found her in her kennel in my room looking at the mess she'd created like "whatcha gonna do about it?" I guess she decided to do a little light reading

That would be two of my books chewed up and all over her bed and the floor. Isn't it greatness? They were two really old books that I still pull out occasionally and they were in the basket of books, and magazines by my reading chair... I've had these two old, worn looking paperbacks a very long time. Gone forever are Power Astrology and an all time favorite How to Survive the Loss of a Love. Good thing I can add them to my cart on Amazon-but they won't be the tattered and worn reminders that that these copies were for me... A very sad day. I guess Joey isn't a fan of the self help book.


Cathy H said...

Okay, given the titles of the books it is highly possible that you simply don't need them anymore.

Nope. Gone. Adios. Ciao.

I recommend you replace them with something that way better fits your new life!

Ashley said...

You crack me up. You're probably right. Joey is wiser than me..