Monday, July 27, 2009

The Potty Diaries- the final chapter (I promise)

It's a finish line I wasn't sure I would cross...ever... but we have had several successful weeks with out an accident and every poo landing in the potty (not the bathtub, my leg, or the undies). Success. I think we're there.

Which leads me to the search for the perfect preschool. Wow. Preschool sort of snuck up on me, but Cole is surrounded by adults all day and I know he's missing hanging out with some little people. I know little to nothing about child hood development so it's time. Verbally Cole is a rock star.. fine motor skills are great.. gross motor skills not so much. Social skills? Cole is great with adults.. a little unsure about how to play with kids his own age. It's time for a little something for sir Cole.

I've been fairly responsible for saving for Cole's college. I put a little bit into a 529 account every month... I was unaware I should have started saving for preschool while he was still in the womb as well.

When did it get so complicated? Montessori, NAEYC certification, full day, 1/2 day... curriculum.. AHH.. The ones I like, and are affordable have a waiting list. The ones I can't stand I can afford. What's with this Montessori theory of "they need to be here every day for it to be effective?" Good grief. Who knew?

I just want a little school with a couple mornings a week, close to the office, and close to the Amazing Wahlstedts. I found one that's within the budget. We're on the list. We'll see. I might just need to track down the families in front of us and negotiate. Otherwise, it might just be mother's day out a couple of mornings a week. He won't start kindergarten until he's about to turn 6 because of the September birthday- so I guess I should quit stressing. That's three years of preschool to pay for! But I've used it as material for the potty training and now I'll be a Mommy let down. Oh well... life will go on. Sometimes it's just about doing all you can, but when I hear "Mommy I go to school in the fall?" I feel like a loser with a capital L.
I've consumed my Lean Cuisine. Time for me to prepare for my 2pm conference call. Holla!