Thursday, July 2, 2009

Take this pull up and shove it

I would like to take every pull up in my house out in the back yard and light them on fire..I'd throw "Once Upon a Potty" in there too- just for effect.

I know I know I said I was done posting about potty training, but this is going to be such amazing blackmail material for me when Cole is much older and much cooler .
We were doing so well with potty training. Rarely any accidents. There were still some issues with the whole poo thing and I was constantly reassured that this is completely normal for little boys. I've had a few more floaters in the bath tub. Then about two weeks ago Sir Cole just decided "I'm no longer being rewarded for this potty training business- I'm over it.." We're back to accidents and being too lazy or too busy to go to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, I've visited countless preschools and assured them that MY son is potty trained. What a load of crap.

Last night is a busy evening. Grocery store, gym, laundry, making of banana pudding & dinner for Cole... and I know that he needs to take care of some business. Into the bathroom we go. I know what needs to happen. He knows what needs to happen... and then the crying commenced. The kind where the veins pop out of his toddler neck. "Cole you can do this" I assure him... Cole is a smart little toddler. When he realizes the temper tantrum isn't getting him anywhere- he turns on the charm...sniffing..wiping back tears he says "Mommy I want to hold you" and I am a sucker for my little boy.. I pull him off the potty and into my lap. I have taken to sitting on the bathroom floor during this potty cheer leading craziness. "Cole you're a big boy and I know you can do this.. I know you're tummy hurts..let's just finish and then we can watch Thomas and you can have a nok (snack)" He snivels for effect and says " ok mommy" I get him back on the potty and notice a little bit of poo on my leg where he had been sitting.

When will the madness end?


NancyJ said...

LOL!! I am rolling on the floor laughing...try explaining why to all the "engineers" I work with!

Of course you know that by the time he goes to kindergarten he'll be potty trained and this will all be a dim memory...or course everything might be a dim memory to you, because you'll be in some cozy padded asylum somewhere...

Ah well, in the meantime, MOMMY JUICE FOR ALL!

P.S. Aren't you afraid some "preschool police" are monitoring your blog?? I always worry about things like that when I post my status updates.