Monday, October 13, 2008

Technology Sucks

Technology sucks. Okay maybe it doesn't... but I'm so frustrated with technology right now I could just scream. I'm over all these devices that are suppose to make my life easier giving me attitude. I want my Blackberry, Laptop, iPod, Oven and life to be normal again. Good grief!

I came back from a trip last week to boot up my laptop at the office, all ready to conquer the world and I get what I'm now told is the Blue Screen of Death.... I'm now on my 3rd re-imaged (what the heck does that mean) laptop...While they are at it can they get me a new image too?

I left my new Blackberry on the table at a wedding Saturday night...only to come back after "busting a move" to a huge crack across the screen of my new Blackberry Curve..our relationship has only just begun and I've already flawed her...hopelessly... that's what I get for dancing..

I get so frustrated when trying to explain IT issues to the crew at the office. I just want to turn the damn thing on and have it do what it's suppose to do. I want my files to be where I left them in "My Documents" and I want my Blackberry to NOT have a crack in the screen. I just got this one and now I have to process a stupid claim through the insurance provider, wade the bureaucracy at the office to get back on the Blackberry server, download all of my ringtones, pics etc., THIS IS MADNESS.

I'd like to take this piece of crap laptop out in the parking lot...throw it on the ground with the Blue Screen of Death still staring me down, start up my VW and drive over it... then get out, pick it up, and throw it.. then maybe jump up and down on it in my sassy shoes... piece of crap.. AHHH !! I just want my files back. I document crap and keep redlines of documents because I need them. Can you hear me now?

Damn you!- stupid, piece of crap computer... damn you! person who cracked the screen of my blackberry and didn't have the decency to own up to it... damn you! arrogant, IT people who look at me like I'm an idiot...damn you! oven at my house that makes beeping noises with F1 & F2 blinking on the screen and only stops after I hit "clear" what feels like 200 times.

I just want to bake something without with without drama.. and not get pissed off every time I look at my cracked Blackberry screen.

Wow. That was cleansing.. I feel better.

Please no comments about how I should back up my work, get a Mac, or get a life. Sell crazy someplace else...we're all stocked up here.