Monday, April 14, 2008

And so it begins

So here I am. Monday nite. PJs and I've put my kiddo to bed. We had an awesome day. I took the day off to be with him. I love those days. He woke up this morning.. late which is even more awesome since I'm off and his hair was all crazy.

"Good morning sunshine!!!" That's how I wake him up every day.

"Hi Ma" he smiles and begins dancing the jig in his crib. As I pick him up he looks at his dresser and points to proclaim "I want Boap" - Cole we'll read one of your books a little later I assure him. Like his mother with coffee- Cole needs juice fairly soon after stumbling out of bed. He power drinks it from his blue sippy looks at me, smiles and says "ahhh"" and in typical guy format takes the back of his chubby hand and wipes his mouth..

"Where's Togo?" he mumbles... I think Togo is still asleep Cole...

"T-O-G-O!!!" Cole bellows and he's off to find his partner in crime- Tobie the dog.

This morning. This random morning in which I awoke feeling tired and anxious and not knowing what the heck to do with my life- I think to myself.. it doesn't get much better than this. I chucked my blackberry and said to hell with it. I pick up his blue, holly wubbie and his Joey dog off the kitchen floor(smell them because I love the way they smell)- tie up my hair and start making Sir Cole's breakfast. This morning it's scrambled eggs, waffle (whole wheat because I'm that kind of freak show) and strawberries. After harrassing Tobie and surveying his kingdom- Cole usually assumes his perch on my kitchen counter (don't tell my Peditrician) and we begin cooking.

Our big plans for the day: Lowe's!!! Cole Loves him some Lowe's and I am going to attempt to put down some new landscaping stones today. Though I am a working woman- there is some sort of satisfaction I find from entering Lowe's-finding something all by myself- buying something heavy and loading it in my car. It's as if to say "Hello world- not only can I support myself- I can fix crap!!!" sort of. ... I also bought fertilizer and scouted out the custom order doors... baby steps here. Cole helped me push the dolly thru the store and when we got everything loaded up and I broke a sweat he looked at me.. raised his one arm and said " I did it..." You sure did little man. And as I close this- my first ever blog in which I set up a page all by myself and pushed the dolly at Lowe's sans man (besides my little one) for the first time in six years... I too am saying " I did it.." I took a step forward and am slowly...cautiously... going to press "post" and begin this ever so boring blog of my life and what I make of it..on my own.