Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello Tuesday!!

It's going to be a bright- sunshiney day. Or not. You decide. I'm digging myself out of the work back log that comes from the chucking of the blackberry and the resistance of plugging in my laptop since Thursday. But I have a little clarity on the personal life, and my kiddo is feeling a little better I hope

Good Morning Sunshine!!!
Cole's usual wake up routine- except he wasn't waiting for me this morning. He opened one eye looked at me and said "No Ma" and rolled over. His allergies are crazy right now and he was not feeling rolling out of his crib this morning.... Finally after some serious prodding he threw Joey (his stuffed dog) over the crib and stood up for me to help him out. Hair is as usual sticking up everywhere and he started getting perky. He picked up Joey- gave me the obligatory hug and was off to find Togo. I knew he'd meet me at the fridge for his juice.

We jammed to the babysitters with a little Dave Matthews "Old Dirt Road" and said our car prayer. He was ready to see his friends... after my daily stop at Starbucks for my coffee refill I made it to the office.

Quiet Time
I don't think I can ever invite someone I work with to read my Blog- but I've found that I'm more productive if I spend 15-20 minutes before I start my day - in quiet reflection. Today my thoughts are of a quote in a book I'm reading... The author is asking a Pastor what Grace means.. and the Pastor described it something like this:

"Imagine you're on the shelf of a pawn shop. Old,
dusty, worn and abused. And Jesus comes in and tells the pawnbroker- let
her go outside- I'll take her place.."

So knowing that I've sinned & my entire Christian life I've been taught that our sins will be washed clean if we just ask for it and follow Jesus. Why do I not feel worthy of this Grace?


Cathy H said...

Ashley! I'm glad to find your blog, too! You are now officially on my RSS feed.