Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chocolate In My....

I am a Mom. I try not to be that Mom that goes on and on about my child all the time... but I have to say that Cole was the cutest possible train conductor for Halloween. I couldn't get him to wear the red bandanna or the work gloves, but that's okay. We only had one meltdown when it was time to call trick or treating quits but he said "t-a-n-k-s" for every piece of candy..I was so proud.
We worked on "trick or treat" for a couple of weeks leading up to Halloween. Cole had a Thomas the Train trick or treat pale, so "trick or treat" became "Chocolate in my Choo Choo" At least he gets points for being consistent. Every house I'd say "trick or treat" & he would chime in with his chocolate choo choo greatness. It was pretty classic.. Oh so cute.
And when all of the trick or treating was done.. I put him in his jammies, we said our prayers, I told him I loved him and he was so tired that he all but climbed up into his crib himself. He assumed his butt up sleeping position and dreamed of treats in his choo choo.


Cathy H said...

Love the new blog design!

Google "Texas State Railroad" and check out their "Thomas the Train Engine" Might be worth the 2.5 hour drive to Palestine to let Cole ride it.

NancyJ said...

Cool brown/mauve look! Chic!

And speaking of chic, you both look pretty cute in your conductor hats! I sort of miss those days when I took my little ones around!

P.S. Good job on the points for staying in the theme.

Amanda said...

That is too freaking adorable... I love it! :-)