Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Tree is Up!

So I got the Tree up. Woo hoo! It was major thing I'd been avoiding..but I poured myself some Mommy Juice... handed Cole the lights..cranked the Christmas carols and two hours later I had a tree up, lit, and standing somewhat erect. Yes, the star is a little off and the lights aren't great- but I had a two year old helper. The fact that he didn't shock or strangle himself on Christmas lights is amazing.

For the first time in six (6) years the tree is all about me and Cole. It sort of rocked. My childhood special handbag ornaments (I had a handbag issue before I had a kid and became broke) all of my Eiffel Tower ornaments..I bought a couple of new sassy chick ornaments.. There are, of course, the Cole ornaments and this year I bought him a new choo choo ornament that he put on the tree and then he promptly yanked it off. He also got tangled up in my "bead" tinsel. The whole experience wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be and when we were done I took him outside and let him see the tree lit up in my dining room window. He said "Mommy wow!!" and we were pretty proud of our accomplishment. Above is the crappy picture taken from my Blackberry Curve.

Who is Marketing Boy?

Some of you have asked... so let me try to explain that relationship..or maybe you'll have to wait. Here's his pic:
Ok I have downed my take out salad. Back to work for me. Holla!


JonnyTam13 said...

Nice work on the tree! You now join the group of people who make me feel guilty for not having my tree up yet. Sigh.

I like the picture of Marketing Boy too. I think I know him. He drives a pretty sweet car.

Ashley said...

Yes, it's a really super duper car. The only driving I get to do is from the passenger seat. I'm needed for speed. Wilma running too helps Fred get there quicker.

You have a new born-you're excused from not having a tree up the first week of December and of course from Christmas Cards too...