Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Present

So this morning was a little dramatic. Cole fell down and hit his head pretty hard. Maybe it's because he was trying to get out the door in a pair of Mommy's heels and his Converse? You're probably reading this thinking.." Umm Ashley- why were you letting Cole walk around in your heels?" I was trying to get to work people. I had Cole to drop off and kids to drive to school. Ever gotten ready for work with a two year old holding up every possible product, make up brush, or tweezer and asking "Mommy what's this?" Or turning the hair dryer off and on repeatedly? It can get a little overwhelming. So I figured if he wanted to walk around in heels and it would give me a minute to find mine- we were going to roll with it. He did great in the house-- it was when we were trying to load up the car that it became a challenge. I even said "Cole let's take Mommy's shoes off and then BAM! He fell and I mean hard. Then it was on. The mega meltdown. The crying. The shaking. The kicking. The squealing.. the looking at me like "Mommy why did you let me walk around in your heels?" And I realized I probably shouldn't have done that. I felt fairly horrible. I couldn't get him calmed down. He was clinging to me like he was drowning. In my head I was chanting "bad mommy bad mommy." Five minutes later the melt down subsided. Cole moved past it and we were on to just sniveling and sniffing and wiping tears from our face. We both needed to change our clothes at this point. The drama of it all. Being 2 is hard work.

Back in the house we went. I got him changed first. Then went looking for something suitable for me to wear to work. It was about that time Cole came toddling in my closet.. "Mommy!! Here you goes..present..." I thought it was really sweet until I realized what I'd just taken out of his hand was a booger. Gross.


NancyJ said...

I was laughing out loud! Besides being a great mommy and person...I have to tell you once're an incredible writer! It's like I was there, and captures the essence of "mommydom" and being 2!! Glad everyone is OK now?! Thanks for sharing your world, your wisdom, your very funny and cool perspective, and your talent!

Ashley said...

Ahh Thanks Nancy J! Glad to make you laugh.. If Cole turns out as well as your boys I'll consider myself lucky! Thanks for faithfully reading : ) David suggested I give up blogging for Lent? Hmmm

NancyJ said...

That's crazy talk! If you give up blogging...does that mean he'll give up...say...preaching???!!!

Cathy H said...

Booger, huh? Yep. Definitely a boy. No worries about the heels now.