Sunday, June 22, 2008

I fought the Wasp and the Wasp won

Not! Note: Subject line is way more funny if you hum to that oldie "I fought the law and the law won.."or maybe not. I do have a strange sense of humor.

So I'm going on my umpteenth weekend of what I call hibernation. I don't want plans. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I just want to be... and so I've been... hibernating. It has it's perks. I'm told (by professionals) that when processing a divorce you have to allow yourself time to grieve and work through the emotions. Otherwise well you'll just be one messed up individual the rest of your life. The choices are so great huh? Process or be messed up the rest of your life? So I'm grieving.. I'm feeling...Not really good at either of these so I'm also getting a lot of crap done.

I'm thinking who ever built the Taj Mahal could have done so very quickly had they just gotten me good and sad and mad. I've tackled more yard work. Ripped out three more hedges this weekend. Pruned the front yard again. Mulch. Finished the landscaping stones. Weeded my front flower beds. Washed all the windows on my house...painted my trim in my my drivers license oil changed..more legal papers filed..bathed T-O-G-O and for the grand finale... I took out a wasp nest looming over my front porch. Thank God I consulted the experts (also known as Herb & Gala) before doing so. I was going to climb up my 12' ladder to spray the wasp killing potion on the nest... but they convinced me that the Can of Wasp killer surely would shoot 27'... and that they didn't want to rush me to the hospital when I'd fallen off the ladder failing my arms after shooting the goo... so I got myself good and pumped up.. I HATE WASPS or anything that stings.... I had my game plan... aim..spray..try not to scream as they got all p-o'd and run. I'd waited until Cole was napping. I was ready... My plan worked- I killed the #$%@ wasps... and I can now get my mail in peace. Doesn't take much to make this girl happy.

Now I'm so sore I can hardly move. During my "She-Ra" weekend I failed to remember sunblock by losing track of time. I got good and pissed off at said hedges and couldn't walk away until I'd won the battle. That's what I get for being stubborn. A good sunburn.. and a few more freckles for my collection. I know better. I buy sunblock by the case load. I embrace my pale-ness. Oh well. Mission accomplished I suppose.

Hibernation isn't all bad. I do have dates with Cole. Friday afternoon after work we go and get fresh fruit at Sprouts.. I take him for Ice Cream. He likes salads so he'll frequent my favorite places to get a good salad with me.. and make "yum" sounds while we eat. We rented Bee Movie...l take him swimming every afternoon. We play a-lot and he pushes his bubble lawn mower or shopping cart while I work in the yard. I watch stupid chick movies during hibernation. When I'm really feeling down? Love Actually always does me good. It makes me laugh. My favorite part is that little boy running thru the airport because he's so IN LOVE at all of 10 years of age that he has to see the love of his life before she goes back to America. Just cracks me up every time.. and the old rocker dude makes me laugh too....

I don't really have to get dressed to hibernate. I can rotate between ratty make up..and really bad hair. No need getting dressed to paint, play, swim and work in the yard right?
Cole and I do venture out for church every Sunday so I suppose I do have to get presentable for that. No worries...I'm not depressed...I'm just processing. This is how I process. I work a lot. If I'm not working in the yard or on my house I'm working on work. I think while I do these things. I pray. I listen to my MP3 player and by doing these crazy chores and by hibernating I'm getting a little stronger along the way... I'm tackling fears and every time I accomplish something stupid around this house it makes me feel a little better about my starting over and soon I'll be ready to re join the world... but for right now there's a "Work in Progress" sign posted outside the Peterson Palace on Sunny Point Ct. and hibernation with Cole and T-O-G-O rocks!!!

I found a really cool T Shirt this weekend too... It says "Ride Out Your Wipe Out.." I wear it proudly during hibernation... kinda fits my frame of mind. OK well I've gotta go figure out how to get some sunburn relief on the ole back... and do my usual reading.. praying.. and I just might watch Love Actually as I drift off to sleep...