Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sex and the City

So I, like most of the female population, planned last weekend around the premiere of Sex & the City - the Movie.

Pre-Marriage me and my single girlfriends planned most every Sunday night around being in front of some one's television for the weekly Sunday episode. Regrettably when we would gather around the water cooler the next day there would always be the ones in the office that would hear us talking and say "How can you watch that? It promotes promiscuity... it's not accurate.." You know.. Those comments. I understand their point of view. I'm not condoning the character's lifestyle. It's just good chick entertainment...

There are questionable scenes. Usually always involving Samantha in the weekly shows. And it's more for shock value then anything else... she's the woman that doesn't want the relationship and we all watched her in aww and thought "Does this person really exist?" She's the contradiction I suppose. Were she male.. she'd be getting high fives, but b/c she's female well she's labeled a slut and she happily embraces the title.

But that wasn't why the show was appealing. It was appealing because it's an honest look at the modern day chick (not necessarily honest about the sexual stuff-for me anyway) It's no longer the black and white world where you grow up, get married, and have babies. Now we have careers. We sometimes make more money then the males in our lives. We may not want children or may want them and not be able to have them because we face reproductive issues because we spent "16 YEARS dating.. where is he?" These women aren't the Superwomen that society tells us we have to be sometimes... They are alone, terrified, and depending on the episode or day, either content in their life or wondering what the heck are they suppose to do next?

I think the show does a good job of teaching women to embrace their fears whether they are those of the biological clock, struggling in their career, spending life alone, or settling. It's witty.. and the characters Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda & Samantha are hopelessly flawed as we all are but at the end of the day.. Well sometimes we just need a little girl power and to look at some fairly fabulous ladies struggling with the day to day and the Big Stuff (as in Mr. Big)... and doing so in some great shoes and clothes.

The movie didn't disappoint. It was witty. Clever. I do admit to having to turn my head a couple of times... (Samantha scene again) but I laughed out loud.. cried.. and afterwards hugged my best friend. That's one thing I think we have over men.... Women need each other. We need those girlfriends and martini's. Life's just too crazy without them.