Monday, June 9, 2008

Technologically Impaired.. aka l-o-s-e-r

So it is with great sadness I make this confession. I'm a technological loser. I can't even hook up this fancy schmancy new TV I bought.

I found a great deal on a decent television. The only TV I had was one that I inherited from my deceased grandmother in 1999 when I graduated from college. I paid $50 and replaced the tube people.... I only recently got a DVR/TiVo and so far it's my most successful relationship. He (TiVo) only lets me down when I have a failure to communicate properly.. Also known as user(loser) error.

Proud of my "deal" on my new 37" LCD VZIO television.. I loaded it up in my VW after removing car seat etc., and unloaded it in my garage...then I was off to pick up Cole and after he was in bed for the evening I was anxious to see if I could set up my new TV. It would be the ultimate step in my liberation. I drug the massive box into the house and commenced the set up. I carefully read the instructions. Inserted proper cables in proper spot and my only hang up was the lack of power strip to plug in TiVo, the TV, and my DVD player. I lost my entertainment Ar moire in recent negotiations and the power strip thingy was already built in. I thought..that's easy enough to fix and after hooking everything up powered on my new TV and "poof" CABLE TV on my LCD.. I'm still getting wise to this HDTV and Digital stuff...Baby steps here folks. I happily trotted off to bed and powered on my "Tube" TV that still resides in my bedroom. Happy with my progress, and confident that when I purchased said power strip the following day all would be right in my TV world. I said goodnight to old faithful - TV Tube and drifted off to sleep thinking it would be awesome to watch a favorite movie on my new LCD thingy tomorrow.

The power strip didn't do crap. I plugged the DVD player in only to find it playing in B&W. Hours of messing with it and my bestest friend Rhonda advised me to "walk away" before I chucked my new LCD TV. Our relationship had only just begun and I hated him!!!

I've consulted with every TV wise dude I know. My brother's friend Luther even came over to mess with it and advised that I needed the "S Video" cable and after I trotted myself to Target to buy that and plugged it in.."Poof" I now have split screen B&W when playing DVD's on my new LCD. I'm convinced that I need a new DVD player. Yes it's old and probably just can't communicate properly with VZIO LCD. I 'm hoping that's the case. So much for my liberation.

Cole's had a fine time with my frustration... "Ma!" Two Sheaks!" (code for Shrek) he said grinning and pointing. I'm surprised he recognized the green Ogre in B&W.