Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things I like About Summer

I'm trying to turn negative thoughts about heat- black leather interior in the car- and makeup melting off my face into positive I'm focusing on things I like about summer:

  • Favorite fruits are in season...and always available
  • watering my plants after dark and feeling the warm breeze
  • Pushing the jogging stroller and/or taking Tobie for his walk is guaranteed to work up a sweat
  • Swimming with Cole
  • Riesling but now more preferable is Ferrari Fume Blanc
  • Dallas Restaurant Week is Coming Soon.... Right?
  • Crickets...June Bugs...
  • Eating Salads all the time because it's too hot to eat anything else
  • Bathing T-o-g-o in the water hose
  • Ice Cream
Quote of the Day:

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted.." Randy Pausch The Last Lecture

I'm not good at not getting what I want. Apparently neither is Cole. I was getting dinner ready tonite... Clearly I wasn't making it happen quick enough for Sir Cole.. He wanted to assume his perch on my kitchen counter while I cooked... and well I just needed to get done so tonite. I didn't let him up... "Mommy" (I've graduated from Ma apparently and just when i was getting use to it) "Mommy.." next we move on to "pleaassee" "peeze"" "Ma pleeaaee" with outstretched hands. Don't get me wrong it's hard to resist it.... but I'm trying to get the mission accomplished here... "Cole we'll eat in just a minute.."

Wrong thing to say... Not acceptable in Cole's world.. and in typical toddler fashion we throw ourselves on the floor in the most violent manner and thunk our head on the kitchen cabinet... I flinch and do the parental "man that had to hurt grimace.." and just when he realized he'd thunked his head and that it hurt he looked at me and that's when you have to wipe the grimace off your face instantly and I just haven't mastered that skill yet...

""AAAHHHHHH" s-o-b s-o-b huge crocodile tears and he is sure his world has ended... I scoop him up..carry him to the couch and just hold him until he's done with shrill sobbing and really this is just about the pride/ego being wounded more than anything... Cole's just learning about embarrassment. Luckily he has me as a mother and well I'm a pro at embarrassing myself and so I say " Can you believe that kitchen cabinet got in your way like that? I mean you had it working with the melodrama. You were going to win an Oscar with that throw down and the cabinet totally messed up the show...." I realize he probably has no clue what I'm saying but it sounds better to him I guess? I'm getting a lot of miles outta this trick these days... and just like that the tears stop, he sniffs and looks at me.... " wanna go finish dinner?" I say .."k" he nods.. "wanna color at the table while I finish?" "k" he nods.. and the crisis is averted....

I'm still playing in the Minor League here... I often watch those Mom naturals also known in my world as the "Professional Mom" and think to myself "she must read every parenting book ever published... " and watch in awe trying to steal her moves... I equate it to reading the cliff notes.

Sorry Cole. You're stuck with me. Cliff note reading...Pro Mom wanna be. But I love you the mostest.


CrossPointeDave said...

wait, no Ferrari Fume Blanc on the list? did I share a bottle with someone who is unworthy???

Ashley said...

Nope. I'm worthy. I just couldn't spell it.. now I know. See edited post.