Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Klepto Cole

In Case you Were wondering..
Two posts in one day. Wow! Actually I usually type something quickly as part of my "center my life" time in the evening and then save it to make sure my end of day brain vomit makes sense..Some of these posts might be a week or so old..just waiting in the draft file and then I go "oh yeah" and post. A method to the madness in case you were wondering.

Wacky Wednesday
Today however was good. Got a little acupuncture on the lunch hour to get my chi centered. Returned some Pez dispensers that Cole had "lifted" from my friends house a couple of weeks ago...

Yes- my boo ba la (aka Ali) took me out to dinner for my birthday not so long ago. Cole was instantly fascinated with her Pez collection. Nemo and Mini Mouse in particular. What does that say about my son? I did ask if it was ok..Ali said "of course!".. and of course Cole carried them out to the car to play with and of course I found them in the car after I'd dropped Ali off and driven home.. Then I had to explain to Cole that they weren't his and that we needed to give them back.. "Mine" with hand outstretched opening and closing is hands..." No Cole these are Ali's and we have to return them.." He hung his head in shame and responded with "k" They've remained hidden until I could get them returned.

So I deemed him Klepto Cole.. for the moment.. and it made for a good email to my friend.

Ali's sister happens to be Dr. M- who is "acupuncture chi delivering extraordinaire.." We arranged for the swap at Dr. M's office during my Acupuncture session... My sessions are always fun. Our conversations range from politics, to cars, to celebrity gossip, to family, and relationships to whatever... I generally joke that she should charge me for a "therapy" session with my acupuncture.

Now with my Chi centered. I must trot off to take a bath as I'm stinky from gym, dog walking, kid playing and bathing and crawl into bed. Do a little reading.. a little praying..and maybe catch up on my TiVo'd stupidness.

Holla! or given my new found Chi. Sit in quiet meditation.